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Halloween Pumpkin

Our Halloween Pumpkin

Just a quick post today. On Halloween my girlfriend carved a cute pumpkin and I thought it would be fitting to take a fun photo of it.

I had already setup a lighting rig to take photos of her carving the pumpkin like a time lapse. Basically I had a shoot thru umbrella with an SB-900 in it to camera left at +1 TTL and another SB-900 on camera bouncing off the ceiling at +0 TTL.  I had the ambient turned down a lot because I hadn’t bothered to gel the flashes and I wanted to lessen the yellow from the room lights.

Once the pumpkin was done, I wanted to take a photo of it too. I decided he needed light inside so I grabbed a SB-600, doubled CTO’d it and had my girlfriend hold it just inside his head. That got a cool enough image so I took it into photoshop, cut him out and dropped him onto a fake studio background and added some blue glow around him. I think the result was quite cool.

Making the Pumpkin

Making the Pumpkin

FYI the bowl was to help him keep his balance as he was tall and prone to wobbling over!